Educational centre for help and educational upbringing of Roma children



  • Additional tutoring and assistance in preparing homework and repetition of the curricula of children who attend the centre
  • Preparation of pre-school children to engage in kindergarten (Program for Early Childhood Development)
  • Preparation of preschool children for a successful start in the first grade (stay in kindergarten)
  • Implement an interactive program for easier learning the material according to Montessori system
  • Conducting psychosocial program to raise awareness to develop the feeling of responsibility, self-respect, mutual understanding, and tolerance and increased self confidence - rights of children, pleasant and unpleasant feelings, hygiene, nutrition, protection from smoking, verbal and non-verbal communication etc.
  • Mandatory enrolment of children in primary school
  • Mediation for enrolment of children who stopped or never attended school
  • Implement activities in summer camp
  • Organising meetings and workshops to raise awareness of parents about the importance of education for their children
  • Basic literacy on young and adults